TLC custom designs programs to meet the specific needs of the community at large. We offer Educational Programs specially designed to support school age students from Elementary Ed through College and programs for adults who are looking for the skills they need to be better parents and adults that can contribute to their community.

Investing in our community is vital if we want to see transformation. To that end we have partnered with businesses, local schools and other non-profit agencies to launch the following programs and initiatives:

  • Legacy Scholars - Legacy Scholars is a program specially designed to give students in grades 3-8 the tools they need to be successful in school including tutoring, a summer program and workshops for parents. Education PSA – Common Core Standards.
  • The Warehouse STORE - supplies are stored and distributed through our warehouse to families struggling to make ends meet due to the restrictions of living on a fixed income, unemployment or underemployment.
  • Counseling - behavioral counseling is available at TLC’s office on Myrtle Avenue. Participants facing trying times are given an opportunity to engage in one-on-one conversation and counseling with licensed professionals in a private setting.
  • Choose Life - one of the biggest issues plaguing some communities in NY is the idea that individuals can’t be more than their parents were or that they can’t fulfill their dreams. At TLC mentors, peer counselors and a team of professionals are developing individualized plans for program participants. The goal is to empower participants to identify their dreams, to equip them with the tools they need to be successful and connect them with educational opportunities so that they are intentionally pursuing their life dreams.