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Walking in a Winter Wonderland

TLC Christmas 2012 003

This Christmas we knew we'd have to do something for the children affected by Hurricane Sandy. This would require a lot of planning…What could we do? Where? How many toys would we need and how many volunteers would it take?

There were lots of questions to ask but It all seemed to come together really well when our friends from God's Pit Crew, Spirit FM and WSLS 10 in Virginia called to say they had collected toys to bring to the children of NY.

Our friends at Coney Island Gospel Assembly were thrilled to let us transform their supply tent into a winter wonderland. Actually, once the volunteers were set up and busy wrapping gifts, DJ Alphonix arrived to set up his sound system and started playing Christmas music. If that wasn't enough, even Santa showed up with his top elf and suddenly, it was as if we had stepped into the North Pole, at Santa's workshop.

Oh, we can't forget the cookies! It wouldn't be a Christmas party unless the smell of gingerbread cookies fills the air. Hand of Hope Ministries made that happen, they sent the resources needed to put this event over the top. Every child received a beautifully wrapped gift, a personally decorated Gingerbread cookie and was able to take pictures with Santa and his helpers.

What a day! Hundreds of children lined the street with their parents to visit Santa. Can you imagine it? Well, lets do one better, let's show you what it looked like. The photo gallery below gives you a glimpse into this Winter Wonderland on Coney Island. To watch a 2 minute video click here.


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